basically its a glorified grapheditor with more “stuff“ surrounding it. Oftentimes I found there are tools, which dont really fit into a shelf, because they are simple snippets, but really effective. Now, I dont know about you, but I already have a heck of hotkeys which I need, so you run into a dilemma of adding hotkeys or somehow adding more buttons to your shelf. But in copyShop its all under one hood, unified functions you need as an animator every day. They are related to editing/manipulating curves, so in a way it compliments aTools, which of course has graphEditor tools as well, but I feel provides vital, broader animation tools, which of course are awesome(although I don’t use them, since I use copyShop and dMoney) . It doesnt matter if its dealing with mocap, start blocking anim from scratch or anything in between, copyShop helps you being more effecient, At this point I dont sell it , since I work on bundling all funcitons together like in aTools, so they are compiled and easy to use. But its not high in my priority list unless there is some serious interest in copyShop. But if anything I want to showcase my workflow with copyShop, so animators can take the ides which resonate with. Some icons are a bit tacky, but I’m changing stuff almost every week anyway